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Jalani Kumkum is made in a very traditional manner, we keep in mind our client's traditional values and ethics.

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We Understand the Values and Morals of Your Believe in God, that’s why we are one of the Best Kumkum Manufacturers in India.

Jalani Kumkum Family


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Jalani Divya Deep is an integral part of pooja. Jalani Divya Deep used in daily God worship and occasionally on Diwali puja. Tulsi Pooja. Jalani Divya Deep is a small lamp that is lit especially at Temples in Daily God Worship in the Morning & Evening Aarti or Pooja, Office and Home Pooja Diwali, & other places (New Year's in India). Though in these days electric lights are replacing earthen Diyas, still the charm of traditional Hindu Diya is always there. Jalani Divya Deep are used for offering prayers to Gods and the deceased ancestors, are floated on leaves over the holy rivers like the Ganges at Haridwar. They have long been linked with Diwali tradition and are today the most integral of all the Diwali decorations.

Product Name Inner Packing Master Packing
Jalani Deepak Batti GOL (70-75 Batti in Packet) 12 Packet = 1 Dzn 100 Dzn in Katta/Bag
Jalani Deepak Batti LAMBI (70-75 Batti in Packet) 12 Packet = 1 Dzn 100 Dzn in Katta/Bag
Jalani Deepak Batti GOL (400-450 Batti in Packet) Avg 450 Batti=1 Pkt 100 Dzn in Katta/Bag

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