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Jalani Kumkum is made in a very traditional manner, we keep in mind our client's traditional values and ethics.

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We Understand the Values and Morals of Your Believe in God, that’s why we are one of the Best Kumkum Manufacturers in India.

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Holi Gulal Manufacturers in India

Holi Gulal Manufacturers

Holi is a festival of colors. Gulal is the most important part of this festival in India
Jalani Holi Gulal offers a wide range of color. The best part about our product is that they are toxin free or non toxic and very skin friendly. Our colors are eco friendly and safe to use. The texture is very smooth and silky. The colors are very eye catching and attractive. After playing holi they are very easy to wipe out from the body. They are free from metal substances and harmful chemical.

The story behind this festival of Holi

The story behind this festival is very interesting to know. Once upon a time Lord Krishna was complaining to her mother Yashoda that, Radha has a very fair complexion and he had a dark complexion. He felt that it is an injustice done by the nature. By listening this, mother yashoda in order to placate her child, shared an idea. She said Lord Krishna to put a color on Radha's face as per his own choice.
Lord Krishna appreciated the idea and implemented it. Like this the game of applying color on each other's faces got popular. Till date we know this game by the name "Holi".
In this festival, lovers desired to color their beloved face by the help of Gulal.


Jalani Gulal is also used to make Rangoli in different festivals. Rangoli is an art to make different patterns and shapes in order to decorate the house. It is also considered very auspicious.

Every color has a different significance:-

Red color stands for purity. Red is a color of love. It has vibrant shine which add joy and affection.
Yellow adds like sunshine in the festival. It is the most vibrant color from the other entire color. It seems beautiful on people who have whitish complexion.
Saffron color is also known as "Kesariya" or "Narangi". This color is full of joy and adds fruitiness in the surroundings.
Green color symbolizes our mother earth. It has a very calming and healing effect.
Blue symbolizes the color of Lord Krishna. The lovers mostly like this color as they wanted to color their beloved with this color.

Product Name Inner Packing Master Packing
Jalani Gulal 100gm Pouch Packing 10 Pouch = 1 kg 25 kg in a Katta / Bag
Jalani Gulal 200gm Pouch Packing 5 Pouch = 1 kg 40 kg in a Katta / Bag
Jalani Gulal 10 kg Packing No Inner packing 40 kg in a Katta / Bag

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