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Jalani Kumkum is made in a very traditional manner, we keep in mind our client's traditional values and ethics.

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Havan samagri Manufacturers in jodhpur

Havan Samagri Manufacturers

Havan which is also known as Yagya is used to perform in order to purify something. It has been performed from the ancient era of our Hindu religion. It is a practice done with the help of fire. While performing yagya there are some offerings which are offered in the "Agni Kund". It is also believed in Hindu religion that, if you or your family had a bad effect from any evil soul. Then havan helps to destroy it. Apart from this havans are also performed for good health, prosperity and achievements.

Jalani Havan Samagri Pack contains all the necessary components which you might require while performing havan. Jalani Havan Samagri is used for every type of Havan like Anaprashanam (Baby's first feeding of rice) , Ayushya Homam , Gruhapravesham, Karvachauth (Suhag Vrath), Marriage Ceremony, Mrithyunjaya Homam, Mundan Puja, Namakaranam, bhumi pujan, bahi pujan, lagan (Marriage), Navagraha Homam, Punyaha Vachanam, Satya Narayana Puja, Yagya, Seemantham, Shanthi Path, Havan,Srirama / Sri Venkateswara Kalyana Utsavam, Shivji puja, durgastami, navratra pujan, durga puja, guru purnima, Mahalaxmi pujan in India.

There are many other rituals also which are performed with havan, some of them are listed below:-

- Pavitra Dharanam & Prarthana
- Achamanam & Siromarjanam
- Sthala Shuddhi
- Mahaganapati Puja
- Kalasha Puja
- Sri Bhagavati Bhagavan Pooja
- Agni Pratishtapanam, Dhyanam & Agni alankaranam
- Sankalpam
- Pradhana homa
- Jayadi homa
- Purnahuti homa
- Pradakshinam, Namaskaram & Prasthanam

Havan is also cosidered as a scientific procedure, which is associated with mind and soul. This was founded by our ancient rishi, munnis and sadhus.

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Jalani Havan Samagri
Product Name Inner Packing Master Packing
Jalani Havan Samagri 50gm Box Packing 12 Box = 1 Dzn 24 Dzn in a Carton
Jalani Havan Samagri 100gm Box Packing 12 Box = 1 Dzn 12 Dzn in a Carton
Jalani Havan Samagri 200gm Box Packing 12 Box = 1 Dzn 6 Dzn in a Carton
Jalani Havan Samagri 1 kg. Pouch Packing No Inner packing 25 kg in a Katta / Bag

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