जालानी कुमकुम

Jalani Kumkum is made in a very traditional manner, we keep in mind our client's traditional values and ethics.

Jalani Kumkum Family

We Understand the Values and Morals of Your Believe in God, that’s why we are one of the Best Kumkum Manufacturers in India.

Jalani Kumkum Family

Kumkum Powder Ingredients

Jalani Kumkum Powder Ingredients

Jalani Kumkum Powder Ingredients are very traditional. Jalani Kumkum is made with dried turmeric. We do not prefer to use any synthetic or chemical dyes because we care for you. Jalani Kumkum is safe to use and they do not have any side effects.
Many people have different ways of applying the Kumkum on their foreheads. Mostly men's had a tillak and women's had a bindi. In some cases, people use to have three lines made from kumkum on their forehead.

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