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Jalani Kumkum is made in a very traditional manner, we keep in mind our client's traditional values and ethics.

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We Understand the Values and Morals of Your Believe in God, that’s why we are one of the Best Kumkum Manufacturers in India.

Jalani Kumkum Family


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Jalani Sindur has an orange color pigment. It is mostly offered to Lord Hanuman ji and Bheruji. Jalani Sindur has a very pleasant smell and a very smooth velvety texture.

In many Hindu temples you will observe the statues of Lord Hanuman are covered with orange paste. Jalani Sindur is used in order to cover the statue of hanuman ji. It has a very vibrant and attractive color.

Jalani Sindur is made with non toxic color and ingredients. It has a very beautiful fragrance which will make you fell calm and relax.
In order to make a paste from Jalani Sindur you can mix it with chameli (jasmine) oil, chandan (Sandal) oil or any other kind of oil or Ghee (Butter Wax).

Mostly people use their ring finger of the right hand in order to put a bindi. Jalani Sindoor can be applied to Lord Hanumanji, Bheruji and Ganesh/Ganpatij, as this symbolizes respect and love for them.

The story behind this festival of Holi

There is a story behind the usage of this sindur. Once upon a time Lord Hanuman wanted to please Lord Rama. So in order to please Lord Rama he covered his whole body with the orange color sindur. Now a day's people use to put this sindur on their foreheads and body in order to protect themselves from evil spirits and to get the "Ashirawad" of Lord Hanuman.

Product Name Inner Packing Master Packing
Jalani Sindur Pouch Packing Rs. 3/- MRP 50 Pouch = 1 Packet 100 Packet in a Katta / Bag
Jalani Sindur Pouch Packing (With Oil) Rs. 5/- MRP 24 Pouch = 1 Packet 50 Packet in a Carton
Jalani Sindur Pouch Packing Rs. 10/- MRP 12 Pouch = 1 Packet 100 Packet in a Katta / Bag

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